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Introducing Py-Feat

Py-feat is a free, open-source, and easy-to-use tool for working with facial expressions data, which provides a toolkit to easily detect facial expressions from images and videos, preprocess & analyze facial expression data, and visualize facial expression data. You can learn more about Py-feat by exploring the links below:


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Pain is a unique experience resulting from a mix of sensory, cognitive, social, and emotional factors that vary between people. The combination of factors makes it difficult to assess a person’s experience with confidence. Currently, the most common and respected way to assess pain is through verbal reports (e.g., rating…

What is a raincloud plot

A raincloud plot is an intuitive, robust, and transparent form of data visualization. It is essentially a violin + boxplot + jittered dataset combo, which nicely provides an overview of raw data, probability distribution, and statistical inference at a glance via medians and confidence intervals. …

Open Human Activity Classification (OpenHAC) is an open source user interface for digital biomarker extraction, analysis, and exploration with tools to build, assess, and deploy machine learning classifiers. It is built on existing software packages used to quantify behavioral characteristics and assemble machine learning frameworks. My goals with this project…

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Raincloud plots

Raincloud plots combine jittered data points with a half violin and box plot, giving a comprehensive picture of a given data set. In a previous article, I introduced raincloud plots using python. Thanks to the work of Jordy van Langen and colleagues, raincloud plots are also possible in R.


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In healthcare research, there are often multiple groups or individuals looking into the same condition or variable. They collect data independently, but expect, and often need, consistency between the people reporting the findings. Well-designed procedures must therefore include systematic measure agreement among the various data collectors. …

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Motion capture technology is a staple of blockbuster films. You may have seen A-listers like Brad Pitt or Jennifer Laurence in behind-the-scenes bonus features dressed in what looks like spandex suits covered in ping-pong balls. Those small spheres are actually reflective markers, which are tracked by infrared cameras during an…

What is MNE-Python?

MNE-Python is an open-source Python module for processing, analysis, and visualization of functional neuroimaging data (EEG, MEG, sEEG, ECoG, and fNIRS).

Let’s try it out

First, import the necessary libraries. You will need to install mne-python and numpy prior to running the code below.

import os
import numpy as np
import mne

Here we…

Cole Hagen

Interests in pain science, wearables, machine learning, and clinical care | M.S. Student Neuromotor Science

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